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Paper Production and Consumption In China

S.N. Particular   Time of Information Source
01 Country China    
02 Population (Million) 1321.85 2007
03 Total Pulp/Paper/Paperboard Production 78.026 2007 FAO
03.1 Corrugated/Packaging      
03.2 Newsprint      
03.3 Writing & printing      
03.4 Others      
04 Import 7.820 2007 FAO
05 Export 7.253 2007 FAO
06 Net Consumption 78.593 2007 FAO
07 Per Capita Consumption (Kg./year/person) 44.7 2005 World Resource Institute
08 No. of Pulp/Paper Mills      
09 Main Raw Materials      
10 Major Companies      

All Production, Import, Export and Net Consumption numbers are in Million Metric Tons (1,000,000,000 Kg.)
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Market Report on China’s Paper-making Industry, 2008-2010

Nov 21, 2008 – Summary
In 2007, China had 3500-4000 legal paper-making enterprises with a total production of 73.5 million tons, increased by 13.08% as compared with 65 million tons in 2006. Consumption reached 72.9 million tons, a 10.45% increment over the last year's 66 million tons, annual consumption was 55 kilograms per capita, increased by 5 kilograms.

Chart  Production and consumption of paper and cardboard in China, 2000-2007


Production increased by 140.98% from 2000 to 2007, and consumption 103.92%. Production and consumption of paper and cardboard increased by 13.39% and 10.72% respectively, 2000-2007, surpassing China's GDP annual growth rate of the same period.
According to the production and consumption of 2007, both kept continuous growth all the year round, however, growth rate of production weakened. A larger increase of production can be seen in those products such as newsprint, coated paper, household paper, coated white board, boxboard and corrugated paper. And newsprint, copperplate paper, boxboard as well as corrugated paper have a larger increase in consumption.